Let’s sell this house. A home owner’s chronicle.


Getting a house ready for sale is by no means no easy task. In fact, it’s dreadfully overwhelming and crazy tiring! The better prepared YOU are (emotionally detached), the better prepared the HOME is (great presentation), the better the PRIZE (investment) will be at the end. Make a list of needed fixes, unfinished projects and cleaning tasks. And did we mention, clean and declutter like a mad seller? Don’t fall victim to procrastination and don’t let these pre-selling chores daunt you. The best thing to do is roll your sleeves and just do it! It’s so rewarding to see those projects finally completed, a “new” welcoming and clean space…seeing it all shaping up to the show-ready look buyers love. Yes, a lot of work but your future self (the one with the big check at the end) will thank you.